Enabling Single Sign-On

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A summary of SSO and how to enable this for your organization.


Integrating Permutive with your identity provider via SSO will:

  • Allow members of your organization to log in to our application and automatically be a member of your Permutive organization.
  • If they have not specifically been invited, they will not have any permissions within the dashboard, i.e not be able to view/edit / create segments, view events, etc.
  • Users who have been specifically invited will have access dependent on the groups that they were invited to.
  • Existing users will no longer be able to use the email/password they set up previously, they would have to rely on your organization's SSO provider.
  • They will have to log in once a day, which will be able to verify that the employee is still a member of your organization.
  • At this time our preference is to support the OpenID Connect protocol.

Supported SSO Protocols

  • OpenID Connect
  • SAML


  1. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager (CSM) to enable SSO.
  2. You will be asked for:
    1. The email domains that your organization uses.
    2. The SSO protocols that your organization supports.
  3. Once these details are provided to us, we will reach back out to you with the details that your organization will need to set up the integration and the corresponding information that we will require on our side.
  4. Once you have provided the details we require and are in a position to integrate we will set up a video call to enable the integration and verify that your organization can successfully log in to the platform via SSO. 
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