Activate a Cohort through a Publisher's Ad Server

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Step-by-step instructions for activating a cohort through a publisher's ad server. Action is required by the Advertiser as well as the Publisher.

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Advertiser Steps

1. Navigate to 'Cohorts' and select which cohort you wish to set up an activation with


2. Under 'Activations', toggle 'Publisher Ad Server' and select save


Publisher Steps

1. Select and copy the relevant targeting value which is located in the  Connections' area


2. In your GAM account, navigate to the 'Inventory' tab, select 'Key Values' and search for the ‘permutive’ targeting key 


3. Once the 'permutive' targeting key has been hit, click 'New values' and paste the targeting value which was located in the 'Connections' area and select save


4. Select save

Campaign Targeting

Now that your cohort is activated you may apply Customized Targeting:

1. Inventory is Run of network

2. Customized targeting is set to Permutive > is any of > 'the key value'


If the value was not created you can define it at this stage:

1. Enter the Value

2. Click 'Create values:'


Note: You will be able to create a new value if the Permutive targeting key is defined as "Dynamic". If it's set as "Predefined" you will need to add a new value or change it to "Dynamic".

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