Understanding Advertiser Insights

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An overview of the Insights available to advertisers in the Audience Platform.


When publishers connect to a new advertiser, there is the ability to control what data advertisers are able to access and target.


Once given permission, the Advertiser will be able to see Insights related to how their data overlaps with the Publishers.


Advertisers can filter the Audience's view by either one or more cohorts.

To change the Audience filters, click edit.


Once you have chosen the Cohort you want to gain insights on, open up the second filter by clicking 'Edit', as shown below: You can filter the date range between the last day, the last 7 days, the last 30 days, or a custom range.


Once you are satisfied with the filters, there are four tabs to navigate between:

  • Cohort Index & Overlap: An understanding of how cohorts relate and compare to each other, in both an index and an overlap.
  • Technographics: A breakdown of Matched Cohorts across device type, browser, and country dimensions
  • Hourly/Daily Activity: A breakdown of when your chosen cohort is active online through 24-hour time and across a 7-day period.
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