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This document describes how you can create deal IDs in Google AdX for cohorts connected in your Permutive project and how you can make them available to advertisers.


Permutive takes a cohort approach for audience targeting which means Cohort IDs are attached to the bid request. This allows to better protect publisher data, user privacy and enables targeting for the anonymous web. In order to make these cohort IDs targetable to the buy-side, we need to map them to a deal ID.

Finding your targeting key 

Any Cohort which is targeted in your environment will have its unique ID. This targeting value gets passed into Xandr as a key-value and then gets mapped to a deal ID. In order to create the deal, you will first need to find the respective targeting value.

Define Targeting Key

When you enable the Google Ad Manager Integration the 'permutive' key would get defined at that stage. The same key is used for custom cohort targeting so the 'permutive' targeting key should already be defined.

Define Targeting Value

If your 'permutive' targeting key is defined as "Dynamic" you do not need to add targeting values.

If it's set as "Predefined" you will need to add a new value or change it to "Dynamic":

In your GAM account:

1. Navigate to the Inventory tab

2. Select Key Values

3. Search for the ‘permutive’ targeting key

4. Under Value Tab Select "Dynamic" and hit Save.


Create a Deal

Steps to create a deal:

1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager

2. Click Sales and then Private Auctions.

3. Click New Private Auction

4. Set up Private Auction settings:

Deal Name
Please use the following structure for the deal name:
Permutive - {Advertiser Name} - {Cohort ID}.

Example: Permutive - Sunset Airways - 159f0522-c9f7-412d-9c23-b67700d6a3d6

You can utilize alternate naming, but please include the advertiser name and the cohort ID.

Note: The cohort ID is the long identifier which you find in the first column of the cohort table.

Inventory Type
Include both display and video (depending on the campaign requirements)
Do not include any additional terms
Only apply the key-value targeting here. The format should be < span class="notion-enable-hover" data-token-index="1" spellcheck="false" data-reactroot="">permutive={targeting value. Do not add any geo, device, ad unit or other targeting.

Example: permutive=udfr

Note: If you did not predefine the value yet and your targeting key is "Dynamic" you can add it at this stage.

Keep the default settings
End Date
Do not set an end date
Estimate Impressions
Keep field empty
Email Contacts
Keep field empty

5. Click Save

Invite Buyer

Steps to invite the buyer to the Private Auction:

1. Click Invite buyers

2. Set up the invite according to buyer invite options:

Select the advertiser
Floor price
Set floor price depending on your advertiser relationship or your default floor for the open exchange.
Override blocks
Keep default settings
Creative restrictions
Keep default settings

3. Click Save.

Share Deal ID

Once you created the deal in AdX, please navigate to the Permutive Connections tab:

1. Find the Cohort.

2. Click on the 'Edit or Create' button to enter the Deal ID and your floor price.


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