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This document describes how you can create deal IDs for cohorts connected in your Permutive project and how you can make them available to advertisers.

Programmatic deals are routed through a Permutive curation seat within Xandr. This allows Permutive to consolidate deals for buyers and create an easier workflow. It also allows us to understand and report on usage.

Note: The Permutive curation seat will inherit any floors and similar settings from your deal setup.


Permutive takes a cohort approach for audience targeting which means Cohort IDs are attached to the bid request. This allows to better protect publisher data, user privacy and enables targeting for the anonymous web. In order to make these cohort IDs targetable to the buy-side, we need to map them to a deal ID.

Finding your targeting key 

Any Cohort which is targeted in your environment will have its unique ID. This targeting value gets passed into Xandr as a key-value and then gets mapped to a deal ID. In order to create the deal, you will first need to find the respective targeting value.

Define Targeting Key

This Xandr support article describes how you can create and define the targeting key p_standard. Please define it as a text value and not as numeric. At this point, you do not need to predefine any values for this targeting key.

Tip: This step only needs to be done once. If the targeting key is already defined, you do not need to do this again for any subsequent deals.

Create a Deal

In your Xandr dashboard:

1. Click the '+New Deal' Line Item button. Each deal line item corresponds to a single deal.

Below are the recommended deal settings:

Ad Type
This determines the availability of other settings. Display and AMP video can be combined into one deal.
This is your internal name for the deal. We recommend using the same one used in "Deal Name".
Deal Name
Please use the following structure for the deal name:
Permutive - {Advertiser Name} - {Cohort ID}.

Example: Permutive - Sunset Airways - 159f0522-c9f7-412d-9c23-b67700d6a3d6

You can utilize alternate naming, but please include the advertiser name and the cohort ID.

Note: The cohort ID is the long identifier which you find in the first column of the cohort table.

Set the Permutive Xandr Curation Seat (ID 12030) as the buyer.
Revenue Type
Set the floor price depending on your advertiser relationship or your default floor for the open exchange. On the Permutive deals configured, winning bidders will ultimately have won at a price above all of your other demand.
Select "Unlimited Budget".
Set flight dates to "No End Date", starting now. Leaving flight dates as unlimited is recommended, as cohorts might be targeted for more than just one campaign.
Supply Strategy
Set priority to be equal priority as other deals.
Managed Inventory
Keep default for all.
Inventory Type
Set the inventory type web traffic only.

Do not add any Geo or device targeting.

Key Values
Add the key-value targeting, with the targeting key p_standard.

Example: p_standard=udfr

Do not add any Size, Viewability filters, or any other targeting criteria

2. Once saved, you can find the Deal ID on the Line Item Summary screen or the Deals screen.

Please refer to the Xandr documentation below for more details on deal creating and key value targeting:

Share Deal ID

Once you created the deal in Xandr, please navigate to the Permutive Connections tab:

1. Find the Cohort.

2. Click on the 'Edit or Create' button to enter the Deal ID and your floor price.


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