How to create a Modeled Cohort

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How to create and set up a Modeled Cohort.


  • You will need access to the Modeled Cohort Tab on the navigation bar.
  • There must be a minimum of one Matched Cohort created in your project.

Creating a Modeled Cohort

In the Audience Platform Navigation Bar:

1. Look for Cohorts

2. Go to the Modeled Tab

3. Click on the 'Models' Section

4. Click '+ Add Model' for the builder to appear



5. Select your seed from any of your matched cohorts and click 'Create'

Note: Only matched cohorts can be used as seed cohorts for Lookalike Modelling.


A lookalike model will take up to 24 hours to build. Once the model is built a reach/similarity graph is returned with a distribution of users.


You can then select the most relevant audience by clicking on dots of your desired reach and similarity. Once you select this, your Modeled Cohort is almost ready.


Note: If you select a modeled audience with 100% similarity, it will have no reach and thus no Modeled Cohort can be created.

A pop up will appear that asks how you wish to activate the cohort either Programmatically or a Publisher Ad Server.


Note: Publisher Ad Server should be toggled on if the cohort will be activated via a direct campaign with a publisher. Programmatic should be togged on if the cohort will be activated using SSPs and DSPs.

Once you select the activation of your choice, click “OK’ and the Modeled Cohort will be created and ready for activation.

If you navigate back to the 'Modeled Cohorts' tab, you will be able to see the recently created modeled cohorts and check all the relevant information associated.


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