How to create a Matched Cohort

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How to create and build a Matched Cohort. A Matched Cohort is based on data that consist of users known to both the Publisher and Advertiser.


  • You will need access to the Matched Cohort Tab on the navigation bar.
  • Your data must be uploaded to Permutive Vaults (using a data source)

Creating a Matched Cohort

In the Audience Platform Navigation Bar:

1. Look for Cohorts

2. Go to the Matched Tab

3. Click '+ Add Matched Cohort' for the builder to appear


4. Name the Cohort

5. Give any description that fits

6. Select the data source that will be used to create a Matched Cohort

Note: You can create a cohort across multiple data sources by clicking the plus sign and adding an additional data source.

7. Next, with Connections you will select the publishers that have permissioned their data to you for cohort creation.


Note: You can connect with multiple publishers when creating a matched cohort

Tip: If you want to create a cohort without using any of your data, you would want to create a standard cohort

Matched Cohort Size

Once you're happy with the setup of your cohort, you can click on 'Calculate' next to Predicted Cohort Size to see a count of the cohort based on the users activity over the last 30 days.

The Activations section allows you to send the cohort to other platforms and how it will be activated.


Note: Publisher Ad Server should be toggled if the cohort will be activated via a direct campaign with a publisher. Programmatic should be togged if the cohort will be activated using SSPs and DSPs.

Cohort Creation

At the bottom of the builder, you can click 'Create' and your cohort will appear under the Matched Cohort Tab.

If you click on the cohort from the matched tab, you will be able to see information about the cohort as well as the Cohort ID.


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