Prerequisites for Enabling Revenue Insights

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Instructions on what you'll need to do to begin the process of enabling Revenue Insights.


Before having access to Revenue Insights, Prebid integration must be enabled. 

Google Ad Manager Log Files

To begin, you will need to share access to your GAM log files. GAM log files are a feature of GAM Premium (also known as data transfer reports). These log files contain data about every impression that gets served, including what cohorts the user was in at the time when the impression was served and which of those cohorts (if any) were used in the decision to serve the impression.

The specific files we need are NetworkBackfillImpressions.

  1. Give access to the bucket, by inviting the account to the Google group you created when setting up the bucket. 

In addition to log files, two new key values need to be added to your GAM instance:

  • ptime
  • puid

To add these key values please follow the steps below:

1. Head to the 'Inventory' tab

2. Select the 'Key-values' tab

3. Click 'New key-value'

4. Choose the settings 'Dynamic and 'Do not include values in reporting'


Note: Once these steps have been completed, please contact to finalise enabling Revenue Insights.

Please be advised that the turnaround time for this task is 3 weeks.

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