Q. Why is the audience percentage low with a high corresponding index in the Content Read report?

A. If an article has a small percentage but a high index this is because there is a higher proportion of users who are reading the article in your chosen cohort compared to users in the base cohort.

Example: If your chosen cohort of 'Sports Lovers' contains 1,000 unique users and the audience percentage is 30%, this means only 300 of those users have read article A. If the base cohort is set to 'Everyone' which has 100,000 unique users in it and 20,000 of those users have read article A, the audience percentage for 'Everyone' would be 20%.

This would mean that the index for the 'Sports Lovers' cohort is going to be higher than 100 because a higher proportion of users have read article A compared to the 'Everyone' cohort, even though more users have read article A from the 'Everyone' cohort.

Essentially, the 'Sports Lovers' cohort is more likely to be reading article A when compared to all users in the 'Everyone' cohort.

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