Q. Can I change a property type from a 'list of strings' to a 'string'?

A. No, you cannot modify a property once it has been created.

You would have to recreate the property but there are impacts to this:

  • Any cohorts that rely on old properties will need to be rebuilt or edited.
  • The deployment will need to update to these new property types.
  • String properties will not be able to be used in the Content Read report, or in any other report in Permutive (we are only able to handle single-value strings or arrays).
  • The cohort creation will differ slightly, in that it will search through the whole string to match what you put in.

Example: If you create a cohort of tags contains "cat", it will pick both "cat" AND "category" AND "caterpillar". On the other hand, it will also pick up both "CAT" and "cat" and "Cat", which is the desired outcome!

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