Creating Engagement Cohorts

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A guide to building cohorts based on a user's level of engagement

Including a user's level of engagement (time spent on a page, page completion) in custom cohorts you are building can be a useful addition to interest-based cohorts as users who are more engaged with specific topics are more likely to have a higher affinity. 

Types of Engagement

There are three types of user engagement that can be captured for cohort building:

Engaged Time Engaged Completion Engaged with Pageviews
Identify users with a total amount of engaged time over a specified time period, regardless of how many pageviews the user has had.

Building Engagement Cohorts 

1. From your dashboard, navigate to 'Custom Cohorts' and click '+ Add Cohort' to access the cohort builder.


Note: If you are not familiar with the cohort builder, see this article for a guide.

Tip: Be sure to give your cohort a unique name and add the appropriate tags

2. Under the Behavior section, click either 'AND' or 'OR' and you will see 'Engagement' as an option.


  • If you are not including any first-party events, it does not make a difference whether you select 'AND' or 'OR'
  • If you want only to include engagement in a cohort and no events, click the 'x' next to the event that automatically appears. (See screenshot below)

 3. Once you have clicked 'Engagement, you will have the option to select either Engaged Time, Engaged Completion, or Engaged Views.


4. Depending on the type of engagement you select, you can then select engaged time or completion as well as page properties. (See examples below)

5. Once you have built the cohort, you can send it through to your integrations as desired and click 'Create.'


Cohort Examples

Engaged Time

Users with 120 seconds or more engaged time in the last 7 days across pages about travel:


Engaged Completion

Users with at least 50% completion on the current page when the page is tagged with an economics category: Screen_Shot_2020-07-14_at_4.52.29_PM.png

Engaged With Pageviews

Users with 3 or more pageviews about finance where each view had more than 30 seconds engaged time:


 If you have any questions, please contact customer support by emailing or chat to the Customer Operations Team via the LiveChat icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.



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