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A guide to sending Permutive audiences to Adobe DMP from Permutive enabled sites using a Tracking Pixel activation.

Simple pixels (that can be used to qualify users for traits) perform real-time data transfers. The Audience Manager interface lets clients create any number of pixels on a self-service basis. Pixel strings to Permutive consist of simple traits IDs.

1. Choose or create a trait (segment) in the Adobe Audience Manager 

First, you need an Adobe segment (trait) that will correspond to the Permutive segment that you want to send. If it doesn't exist yet, please create it as you would usually do in Adobe Audience Manager.

2. Get the pixel for the trait

In the traits list screen of Adobe Audience Manager, hover over the 'Actions' column and click the 'Get trait URL' symbol for the desired trait. Note the URL you for use in the next step.

A sample pixel URL would look like:

and would send trait ID 1234 to Adobe Audience Manager.

3. Create a Tracking Pixel Activation in Permutive Dashboard

Use the 'Add Activation' button in Activations tab of the Permutive UI. Fill in the Name, Tags and Description information as required.

In the Pixel URL field of the Action section paste the pixel URL obtained from the previous step.

Then, choose your desired Permutive segment from the dropdown 'Target this reaction to...'.

The Trigger you set won't affect the pixel in this scenario as Permutive fires the pixel once per user per day when they land in the segment.

Example: You could assign users from a Foodie segment to Adobe's Food lovers trait:



Please refer to our Tracking Pixel guide for more general information on how to create the Tracking Pixel.

If you have any questions, please contact customer support by emailing or chat to the Customer Operations Team via the LiveChat icon in the bottom right corner of your screen. 


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