Q. Is Permutive CCPA compliant?

A. For CCPA, Permutive will be classified as a ‘service provider’ to our publishers. We collect user information on behalf of these businesses, and only on their instruction.

Permutive takes consumer privacy seriously and does not sell publishers’ user data to third parties. However, we allow publishers to do so using the Permutive platform

Permutive will ensure compliance with CCPA by providing an option for publishers to access or delete data from our systems when requested by a user. We have experience offering this capability for GDPR in Europe.

If a consumer opts out of the collection or ‘sale’ of their personal information, we will stop Permutive cohort creation and targeting for those users, when requested by a publisher.

We encourage publishers to leverage first-party data. Permutive’s Edge DMP is designed to support you in creating cohorts and targeting users without using third-party data.

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