Q. What does Permutive do with the data it collects?

A. As a user interacts with the site, a permutive.track call is encountered and a user-event is recorded.

This event is sent to the Permutive API for processing and storage, and internally, to the cohort creation engine in the SDK for decisioning and actioning.

At the Permutive API level, the event sent by the user is validated against the event schema setup by the publisher, and is rejected if it does not conform. The event is also enriched with geo information based on the IP address of the user.

The Permutive API initiates a data flow that aims to store the event for posterity and analytics, and trigger any server side integration for CohortEntry and CohortExit events.

At the cohort creation engine in the SDK, the user-event causes an update to every cohort. For every cohort defined, when an event is fired, the user’s cohort state is updated to either true or false, denoting the user having membership or not of the cohort, respectively.

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