Creating Cohorts for Retargeting

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A guide to using SlotViewable or SlotClicked events in cohort creation in order to retarget users who interacted with a specific Google Ad Manager campaign or line item and examples of how this can be useful.

Building Your Cohort

You will first need to identify the campaign you wish to base a cohort on. To do this, navigate to your Google Ad Manager account and find the Order ID for the campaign you're interested in. 

Note: You will only be able to build cohorts for retargeting if you are collecting Slot Events on your site.


You can now build a cohort using either the SlotViewable or SlotClicked event.

Note: A SlotViewable event fires when at least 50% of an ad is visible for at least one second, aligning with Google Ad Managers Active View metric. A SlotClicked event fires when a user clicks on an ad.

From the 'Events' drop-down in the cohort builder, select either your SlotViewable or SlotClicked event depending on what audience you wish to cohort by.


Then, from the 'Property' drop-down menu select 'campaign_id.' This is where you will enter the Order ID from Google Ad Manager.


You can also retarget based on a specific line item ID within a campaign by using the line_item_id property:


Note: It is best to create a cohort for retargeting before the campaign has launched to ensure that all users who interacted with the campaign are collected by the cohort.


Example 1 - If you are running a campaign with an advertising partner and want to cohort users who have engaged with a piece of creative in that campaign (either viewed or clicked), you can use the slot events to cohort those users in Permutive, send that cohort to GAM, and target them with secondary creative within that same campaign, or use that audience in a subsequent campaign.

Example 2 - If you have run a campaign for an advertiser centering around a Black Friday campaign you can build a cohort of users who viewed or clicked on an ad in that campaign. You can then use that cohort the following year to advertise to those same users as you know them to be interested in Black Friday sales.

If you have any questions, please contact customer support by emailing or chat to the Customer Operations Team via the LiveChat icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.


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