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How to report on Google Ad Manager impressions delivered with Permutive cohorts

Run a report on campaigns served with audience

In the Google Ad Manager platform, navigate to Reporting > Reports > New report

Tip: You can give this report a name and save it to make it easier to run each month/quarter

Set the Report Type, General Settings and Dimensions to the following options

1. Report type: Historical

2. Date range: The date range you wish to run the report over, we've used the past 30 days in this example

Tip: If you select 'Fixed' instead of 'Dynamic' you can choose the exact date range you're interested in

3. Add a filter for 'Key-values contains "permutive"'

4. Dimensions: Order and Key-values

Tip: You can also select Dimensions like 'Line Item' and 'Creative' for more granular reporting


Next, you need to select the Metrics you'd like to report on. As we're looking for impressions delivered with audience and revenue, we'll select 'Total targeted impressions' and 'Total CPM and CPC revenue'


The results will look something like the following



Note: Key-values relate to the cohort code that can be found in the Permutive dashboard

The order name (if available) will be shown on the left, along with the key-value and impressions related to that value. The revenue will be shown in the last column. 

To see the full results you should export your report into a Google Sheet, Excel or download it as a CSV.



  • Google Ad Manager does not de-dupe impressions across key values, so there is repetition in the impressions shown. eg You might have a user in cohort 1234 and in 2345 (both targeted on one campaign) who appears in the report against both of those key values but was in reality only 1 impression. There is no method to de-dupe these impressions unless you  have access to log files. 
  • This report does not include revenue generated from SSPs you work with outside of Google Ad Manager


If you have any questions, please contact customer support by emailing or chat to the Customer Operations Team via the LiveChat icon in the bottom right corner of your screen. 

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