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A guide to common errors you may see in Insights, what causes them, and how to resolve them

As you are running queries in Insights you may encounter an error message. These can occur for a number of reasons and are easily resolved. Here are the error messages that may appear:

No Data

Error 200


Reason: This chart has no data, this could mean your filters are too specific or you've selected a date range with no activity.

Resolution: This message appears when we have no data for the selected filters. If you are in Campaign Insights, please ensure that the campaign was running during the date range you selected. If you are in Audience Insights, reduce the number of selected filters. 

Chart Not available

Error 404


Reason: This message appears when a chart is not available for some reason. In these cases, the chart will always be unavailable, regardless of the filter settings.

Resolution:  If the charts that are returning this error are essential to your business, contact your CSM or Support to discuss configuration.

Requested chart is too complex

Error 503


Reason: In the cohort index & overlap report, we display this message if the requested chart would take too long to produce. Instead of waiting for 4 minutes & getting a timeout error, users will quickly see this message, if we think the specified filters make the calculation too complex.

Resolution: To fix this, reduce the complexity of your filter settings by doing one or more of the following:

  •  Set less cohorts in the primary audience filter
  • Remove some secondary filters (domain, country, platform)
  • Set a smaller date range
  • Set less comparison cohorts

Something went wrong

Error 5xx

There are two possible reasons for a 'Something went wrong' error:


Reason: This message is displayed if the HTTP request comes back with a network error.

Resolution: Usual network issue troubleshooting steps apply.


Reason: This is an error message for unexpected server side issues. This message should not appear in perfect conditions.

Solution: Please clear your filters and try reloading the page.

If the errors persist after trying the resolutions, please contact customer support by emailing or chat to the Customer Operations Team via the LiveChat icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.



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