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A guide to navigating Index and Overlap insights



Index and Overlap are a section of Insights that allow you to see how users in a particular segment or group of segments compare to users in other segments you have built. 


If you click 'Edit' next to audience, you can choose which segment, set of segments, or tag group you want to compare to other segments in your system. 


If you click 'Edit' next to Filter, you will see the filters available to apply to the data.


You can choose the date range, domain, device type, country, and platform of the users you want to see.


To specify what audiences you want to measure your selected segments against you will need to select a base segment as well as comparison segments.

  • Base Segment - The base segment is the base line or 'average user' that you want to index your segments against. You can only select one base segment.

Note: Base Segment only pertains to index and has no effect on overlap


Tip: Set the base segment to 'Everyone' to see how much more likely users are to belong to a comparison segment than all other users on your site.

  • Comparison Segments - Comparison segments will be the segments or tag groups that populate the list. Choose the segments for which you want to see the overlap and index of the segment or group of segments you selected. You can also click 'Select All Segments' to see how your segment compares to all other segments you have created.


  • Minimum Uniques - If you set minimum uniques, the chart will only return comparison segments that meet that minimum. If a comparison segment you selected do not meet the minimum, it will not appear in the chart regardless of the fact that it is selected.


Interpreting the Data


Once you have selected your segment, base segment and comparison segments you are ready to analyze the data.

In the example above, we are seeing how the Foodies segment overlaps with the Pet Food, Tennis, New York, US Visitors, and Sports Enthusiasts segments, as well as how Foodies indexes against them.


  • Overlap - Looking at Pet Food, we see a 59.90% overlap. This means that 59.90% of users in our Foodies segment also fall into our Pet Food segment.
  • Index - The index goes off a base of 100 and indicates that users in our Foodies segment are 8% or 1.08 times more likely to be in the Pet Food segment than average users are. 

Downloading Data

To download the overlap and index report as a CSV file, click the download button in the upper righthand corner and select 'Download chart data'


If you have any questions, please contact customer support by emailing or chat to the Customer Operations Team via the LiveChat icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.



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