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Instructions on how to bulk upload segments to the Permutive platform

How to Bulk Upload Segments

Bulk uploading segments is a way to automatically upload 25 or more segments into the platform without having to build them manually.

To do so, open this Google sheet and go to 'File' > 'Make a copy' and name it with your publication.

Warning: Do not change columns, headers or file structure (ie. no columns are added, deleted or moved).  These must be exact.


Example Format

Fill in the Google sheet, following the examples you can find under the 'Example' tab.


You can tag your segments with keywords to help with organising your segments.
Segment Name
This needs to be a unique name and must be exactly how you want it to appear within the dashboard.
Add a description to help other platform users understand the audience you are building.
This refers to the Event you are choosing to segment the user by: See screenshot below


Note: The spelling has to be exactly as it appears in the Events tab in the dashboard (it's case-sensitive).

Segment Conditions and Modifiers


Mark the number of times the event must fire for a user to fall into this segment. The default operation is 'at least':


Note: Valid entries are non-negative integers and ranges with no spaces (ie. 7-14 means between 7 and 14 times)


Specify the recency of the Event by the number of days. The default operation is 'the last':


Note: Valid entries are positive integers.


If you're adding multiple properties, decide if you want them separated by an 'and' (All) or by an 'or' (Any). This field can have only an 'and' or 'or' value (case-sensitive).


Property 1

The property must be entered into the spreadsheet exactly as it is ingested into Permutive, eg. 'client.referrer'. You can find the correct property name in the Events Tab, by clicking on 'Quick View' of the corresponding Event and looking in the second column: 


is/is not/contains/doesn't contain/is empty/isn't empty

decide whether the property isis empty, contains (and their negations) specific values. It has to have exactly one value from the list.


Property 1 Value

Here is where you need to enter the values or keywords you want the property to be or contain.

Note: If entering more than one value, separate them with a comma in the spreadsheet eg. sport, football, basketball. These will be separated by 'or' in the platform.


You can continue to add multiple properties following the same format described above for 'Property 1'.


Segments Using Multiple Events

It is possible to bulk upload segments that use multiple Events separated by 'OR'.

Please navigate to the 'Example of Multiple Events' tab in the template Google sheet to see an example.

The second Event, and those thereafter, need to be added as additional rows below the first Event.

The Number, Tags, Segment Name, and Description columns need to be left blank for any additional Events.

The example in the template Google sheet translates into the segment builder as below:


Tip: As a best practice, please send a sample upload of ~10 segments to support@permutive.com for alignment confirmation.

Once alignment has been confirmed, please complete the final upload and send the document to support@permutive.com to be actioned.

Note: We usually expect the upload to be complete within two weeks.


If you have any questions, please contact customer support by emailing support@permutive.com or chat to the Customer Operations Team via the LiveChat icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.

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