Adding a new user as a 'Network Observer' for the Xandr AdServer Integration

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Instructions on how to add a user under the correct permission for an AppNexus AdServer integration


When adding an AppNexus AdServer integration, the user account that links with Permutive needs to be given the 'Network Observer' role.

Setting Permutive as a Network Observer gives us the following permissions: 

Read-only permission to all aspects of the network.

Note: You can assign AppNexus platform roles to users when you create the user account and you can also assign users to a new platform role by editing the user account.

How to Add Permutive as a Network Observer

1. Log in to your AppNexus Account page

2. Go to 'Network'

3. Choose 'User Management'

4. Click 'Users'



5. Click 'Add User



6. Input the new user details. We recommend using the details as set out below:

Tip: We advise creating a general email account to use for this integration such as


7. Click on the 'Roles and Permissions' tab

8. Under 'User Role(s)' choose 'Network Observer'

9. Click 'Save'



If you have any questions, please contact customer support by emailing or chat to the Customer Operations Team via the LiveChat icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.

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