Q. What is ITP?

ITP stands for Intelligent Tracking Prevention and refers to Apple’s anti-tracking feature in Safari.

ITP was added to Safari in 2017 to limit sites’ ability to monitor users’ activity on the Safari browser. This effectively blocks third-party cookies in Safari and on Apple devices.

With ITP versions 2.1 and 2.2, Safari also limited the ability of companies to track users with first party cookies via link decoration by deleting all cookies after 7 days with 2.1 and then after 24 hours with 2.2, further limiting companies' tracking ability.

With the most recent version of ITP (2.3) Safari now prevents cross-site tracking as well.

This does not limit Permutive’s ability to track Safari users as the platform does not rely on third-party cookies, link decoration, or cross-site tracking.


ITP 2.3 F.A.Q.

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