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This article is designed to take you through some examples of different naming conventions for your segments


If using segments for campaign targeting including the below suggestions can improve segment clarity:

[Campaign brand name] | [Campaign details] | [Date]

Tip: To clarify further, add on the type of campaign engagement. For example, 'Views', 'Clicks' etc.




User Engagement

If using segments to analyse user engagement on your site, use these suggestions when naming them:

[Domain] | [Topic] | [Level of Engagement]

Tip: Create different levels of engagement. For example, 'Highly engaged' = 3 visits or more




Geo locations

If your publication runs across multiple locations, include these in the naming of your segments.

[Campaign type] | [Brand] | [Topic] | [Location]





Using tiers is a way of defining the granularity of your segments. Below we suggest three tiers, representing different levels.

Tier 1 = Overarching category Eg. Technology and Computing

Tier 2 = More specific category Eg. Consumer electronics

Tier 3 = Defined products Eg. Home Entertainment Systems

The naming convention could be set out as follows:

[Tier] | [Category] | [Location] 



Tip: Use the 'Tags' feature to specify and group your segments too. For example, if your segments are built with first-, second- or third-party data, tag them with '1P', '2P' or '3P'.

Note: Any of these suggestions can be added together to suit the kind of segment being created.


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