Ingesting Second-party Data via LiveRamp

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Advertisers/Clients may ask you to ingest their first-party cohorts to use as second-party data for analysis of for use on a campaign. To set this up, ask the advertiser/client to follow the steps in this article.


Set-up in LiveRamp

Note: The client must have a LiveRamp Connect account already set up. 

1. Navigate to the "Out" tab on the left hand side


 2. Select "+ New Destination Account"


3. Search for "permutive" and select "Activate"


4. Three options will appear, please activate the "Permutive 1P Onboarding" tile


5. Fill in the details and press "Continue", review the configuration and press "Finish"



End Date July 14, 2021 (can be removed altogether)

Advertiser Name Cadburys

Permutive Organization ID 4a1d-b5-4h4j-bjklb4345-438b5 (your Permutive Organization ID - found in Settings)

Destination Account Name Publisher/Permutive - 01/14/2021

6. Choose the cohort you'd like to send over and select "Add to Distribution"

The cohort will be delivered to the Permutive platform within 3 days


Ingestion by Permutive

When your client has confirmed they have sent their first-party cohorts, please contact to let our team know so they can keep you updated on the progress of the ingestion.

Once the cohorts have been received by Permutive, they will take up to 3 days to ingest (providing there are no errors in how the data has been sent by the client).


Creating Cohorts with Second-party Data

Once our support team has confirmed the cohorts are available:

1. Navigate to the 'Audience' > 'Custom Cohorts' tab in the Permutive dashboard

2. Select '+ Add Cohort'

4. Set up any first-party rules

5. Choose '+OR/+AND' and then 'Second party'


6. Search for and select the relevant second-party cohort

7. Save the cohort


Cohort Help

If you have any questions, please contact customer support by emailing or chat to the Customer Operations Team via the LiveChat icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.


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