Targeting engaged users on a specific page

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This feature allows you to collect users based on their engagement on a particular page rather than their accumulated engagement over a certain time.

Note: An engaged user is moving their mouse, clicking on white space or scrolling.

The properties used in this example belong to the PageviewEngagement Event: 

  • Total Engaged Time is calculated in seconds
  • Total Completion is calculated as a decimal, eg 1 = 100%; 0.5 = 50%; 0.75 = 75% etc.

This segment example is collecting 'Users who have been engaged on a page for 30 seconds or more and have scrolled down at least 50% of the page, during the last 7 days'.

  • To specify which domain the user is on, add another property and choose client.domain
  • To specify the topic the user is interested in, add another property and choose either client.title or client.url and expand these with keywords 


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