Q. How can I get training?

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A list of available training sessions.

If you would like to schedule training for any of these sessions, please email Support@permutive.com or get in touch here.

coming soon- Self Service Training!

 Course UI Overview Customer Dash Training (General) Customer Dash workshop Analytics workshop
Duration 30m 60m 90m 90m
Content General introduction and walkthrough How to build audiences. Analytics walkthrough, reactions Integrations, Reactions, Enrichments, organizing cohorts, creating a workflow understanding your analytics, Data narratives
Audience Anyone Dash users. AdOps, Client Services Dash users. AdOps, AdOps, Client Services, Sales
Outline Review each section. Focus on Self help and reaching out to Support, adding team members and general cohort/analytics explanation. Mention workshops and their agendas. UI overview + in depth guide to Audience, Reactions Creating cohorts, LAL models, organizing your data playbook, setting up reactions and integrations such as GAM, FB and twitter. In depth training on the various reports, use cases and creating data narratives
Delivery Method Online Video or Live webinar online video, Live Webinar, in house, on-site Live Webinar, in house, on-site Live Webinar, in house, on-site
Objectives and outcomes General understanding of the tech and positining How to navigate the dash and begin setting up audience and reactions Able to create complex cohorts, using multiple data sets and LAL models. Able to use reactions and integrations to extend audience. GAM, FB, IG and twitter usage for audience

Data narratives, defining audiences, answering RFPs

If you have any questions, please contact customer support by emailing support@permutive.com or chat to the Customer Operations Team via the LiveChat icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.

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