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We will show you how to enable the Permutive Browser Extension.

Permutive's Chrome extension allows you to validate your Permutive deployment. You can check what data is being collected, if there are any schema errors, what cohorts you belong to and if all ad requests are targeted.


You can download the extension here.

After installing the Permutive extension, please follow these steps to get full access:

1. Right-click on the extension icon and select 'Options'


2. Enter your organization ID and click 'Save'. You can find your organization ID in the Permutive dashboard under 'Settings > Workspace'


3. To enable the extension click on the icon and it will turn black. To disable the extension, click the icon again and it will turn grey. If enabled, the Permutive extension will fire on all domains of your Permutive project

4. Once enabled and turned on, the Permutive logo will appear in the lower right-hand corner of your screen when you are browsing your site. To open the extension panel, click on the logo. If the logo does not appear immediately, refresh your page.


The Permutive extension currently has 3 views:


  • You can see all events which have been collected on the current pageview
  • By clicking on the event name you can see all of the properties of the event
  • If an event is rejected, you will see an error message

Note: Generally there are 2 reasons why events can be rejected: The event is unknown or there might be schema rejections. The extension shows why an event has been rejected, and in the case of schema rejections, you'll see detailed error messages when inspecting the event properties.



  • The Segments tab shows you all of the cohorts you currently fall into
  • You’ll only see cohort codes, so you’ll need to lookup the cohort names in the dashboard


Google AM

  • If you're using Google Ad Manager, this tab will give you an overview of all ad requests on the current page
  • You can see whether the ad request was targeted by Permutive or not
  • Click on an individual ad request to see more details, like targeting keys
  • Hovering over the icon will show you some more details, e.g. if the request was initialised on the parent page or inside an iframe


If you have any questions, please contact customer support by emailing support@permutive.com or chat to the Customer Operations Team via the LiveChat icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.

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