Creating segments based on third-party data

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Using the Segment Builder to create Third Party segments

The Segment Builder can be used to create third party segments in Permutive. If you'd like to know more about what segments are, read our Introduction to Segments.


The screenshot above shows a basic third party segment being set up in the builder, targeting Female users with Nielsen as the provider. 

To use third party data in a segment navigate to 'Segment' tab → Select '+ Add Segment' → Choose 'OR/AND' → Third party



  • You can specify whether the user 'belongs' to or 'doesn't belong' to the third party segment you are about to choose.
  • You can choose between the different providers live on your account
  • You do not have to include first party behaviours in your segment if using third party data, select the 'x' to delete this

If you'd like to switch on third party data for your project, please contact 

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