Verify Permutive Targeting in Google Ad Manager

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Check Permutive is appending all impressions in Google Ad Manager.

To ensure Permutive is appending targeting to impressions in Google Ad Manager (formerly DFP) we need to check the impressions being recognised by Permutive compared to total impressions.

Create a Google Ad Manager activation for an 'Everyone' cohort in Permutive

You need to create an 'Everyone' cohort using the cohort builder in the Permutive dashboard. Set the Behaviour to 'Pageview was performed' and click the slider in Activation syncs section to create a Google Ad Manager activation. Below is an example of how the cohort should appear.


Finally, verify the activation was created by checking in the Activations tab. The name will appear as the '[cohort code] → DoubleClick'.

Run Google Ad Manager reports of total impressions vs Permutive='[everyone_cohort_code]'

Google Ad Manager will need at least a day to populate the cohort, so wait one full day before completing the next steps.

You'll need to run a report in Google Ad Manager to check the total impressions compared to the Everyone cohort you have just created. From the Google Ad Manager homepage select Reporting → Repor s → New Query. Set the report type to 'Historical' and the Dimensions to 'Ad unit' and 'Key-values'. Ad unit needs to be set to 'Top level'. In the Filters section, select 'Key-values contains permutive=[everyone_cohort_code]'. Tick the 'Total impressions' box in the Metrics section and Run the report.


Record the results given for the 'Everyone' cohort.

Now you'll need to run the total number of impressions Google Ad Manager is appending. Select the 'Edit' option at the top of the report. Remove the 'Key values' Filter and 'Key values' Dimension sections, and re-Run the report. 

Record the new results and work out the percentage difference between these and those from the Everyone cohort.

If you have any questions, please contact customer support by emailing or chat to the Customer Operations Team via the LiveChat icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.

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