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A guide to setting up and using the Google Ad Manager integration

Through Permutive’s partnership with Google Ad Manager (formerly DFP), you can offer first-party and third-party behavioural targeting in real-time across all your Google Ad Manager campaigns. Permutive integrates with Google Ad Manager using key-value pairs.

Cohorts update in <100ms and users are available in Google Ad Manager immediately. This means that users can be targeted from their very first page-view.


This integration enables the following:

Function Web AMP FIA iOS App Android App
Event collection X X X X


 Setting up the GAM Integration

If you don’t already have the Google Ad Manager integration enabled for your project, you’ll need to add it on your Permutive dashboard. Firstly, you will need to authenticate Permutive on Google Ad Manager.

You'll need: 

In Google Ad Manager:

            If you would prefer not to create an admin role you can use a custom role.

    • Add a custom role allowing the following: 
      • View ad units, placements and key-values
      • Edit ad units, placements and key-values
      • Edit key-values values
      • Access to Inventory tab
      • Create and view Reports
Note: Get in touch with your Customer Success Manager:
  • Let us know that you've added Google Ad Manager - we'll make sure to authenticate Permutive for our account. 

Now that Permutive has been authenticated for your Google Ad Manager, you can set up the integration in the dashboard:

1. Login to your project, select Settings → Integrations → Add Integration


 2. Select 'Google Ad Manager'



3. Enter your Google Ad Manager network code


The integration will be added in less than 20 minutes. From then, you can send any Publisher cohorts into Google Ad Manager for targeting,


Adding Multiple Google Ad Manager Accounts to the Integration

If you have multiple Google Ad Manager accounts you want to send cohorts to, follow these instructions:

1. Head to 'Settings' in the Permutive dashboard

2. Click on 'Integrations' 



3. Select the 'Google Ad Manager' integration



4. Click '+ Network Code'



5. Input a unique name and the alternate Google Ad Manager Network Code. Click 'Update Google Ad Manager'.



The new integration will be ready to use in less than 20 minutes. It can be found both under the 'Activations' tab and at the bottom of the cohort builder:

1. 'Activations' > '+ Add Activation> Choose the 'Google Ad Manager' tile > pick the correct Network Code from the drop down menu. 



2. In the cohort builder, you have the option to toggle the relevant Google Ad Manager integration on or off. You can find this at the bottom of the builder, under 'Activation syncs'.



If you have any questions, please contact customer support by emailing or chat to the Customer Operations Team via the LiveChat icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.




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