Creating Chorts Based on User interests

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Create a cohort of users who have read articles about a particular topic on your site

This cohort groups together all users who have the same interest, based on the content they've viewed on your site. 

We recommend having cohorts of all your users based on their interests. These can be very useful for targeted advertising, and to gather insights about your audience within Permutive Analytics.

Viewed A Sports Page At Any Time

To create cohorts of sports users, a basic approach is to include users who've viewed 1+ pieces of sports content over their entire user history.

Depending on the content of your site and the data you're collecting in Permutive there are lots of different approaches to creating this cohort.

Using URL and Title (Default)

On every pageview Permutive collects the url and the title of the page. So to create a cohort of sports users, include users who've viewed content with 'sports' in the title or url.


Note: Strings are case-sensitive, so make sure to use the correct case - or just include capitalised and non-capitalised versions.

Using Editorial Tags (Custom)

If you are collecting the data in Permutive, you can create cohorts of users based on the tagging your editorial team have on the page:


Using IBM Watson Classification (Context Enrichment)

If your project has IBM Watson classification enabled then all your content will be automatically categorised according to the IAB Advertising Taxonomy. 

Note: There are a couple of things to be aware of when building this kind of cohort, so that it works properly

  1. The string you enter must exactly match the category. So 'sports' won't work, but '/sports' will. Why? Because taxonomy categories are collected as an array, so 'contains' performs an exact match on each string within the array.
  2. Taxonomy categories are collected in a very standard form: all lower case, with spaces, separated by backslashes. 

Combining your Criteria

To make your cohort as large as possible, you may want to include all these properties. This is really straightforward to do, just include every property - making sure you've used 'any' instead of 'all' so they're joined by OR clauses.


Viewed Multiple Sports Pages Recently

To create cohorts of users who are interested in sport, a more advanced approach is to include users who've viewed multiple sports pages recently. 

For 'Sports Enthusiasts', we recommend including users who've viewed at least 3 relevant pages in the last 30 days. To create this cohort, set up the cohort as before and add  'Time' and 'Frequency' conditions.

If you have any questions, please contact customer support by emailing or chat to the Customer Operations Team via the LiveChat icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.


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