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We will review how the pageview events works, it's event properties and how to develop your page context data.

Pageview Properties 

The Pageview event is fired each time a user lands on a new page of your site.  Every Pageview event collects default data and enriched data from Maxmind. In addition, if enabled for your project, Permutive collects highly detailed information about the page itself. This data can be used to create cohorts of users' based on their interests from the content they've read on your site.

The following columns are available in the pageview_event  table

TIP: Custom properties can also be collected in the Pageview event.
Non-Property Data Client Data Geo and ISP Data
Name ID Type Required Description
 Time  time  String  Required  The exact time of the event
 Event ID  event_id  String  Required  The assigned ID for the event
 User ID  user_id  String  Required  The assigned user ID 
 Session ID  session_id  String  Required  The assigned session ID 
 Cohorts  cohorts  String  Required  The cohorts included in this event  
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