Summary of Insights

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An overview and summary of the insights reporting tools.

Cohort Profile

Engagement Content Read Demographics



This report gives you an immediate overview of each of your cohorts, providing headline metrics and making it easy to see the performance of cohort over time.

Tools for Analysis

Cohort Index Cohort Overlap Cohort List

Cohortt Index Cohort Index 


This report pulls out stats on how your cohorts index against each other. This is also useful for post-campaign analytics. This report allows you to see the top 10 indexes or select your own comparison cohorts.

Profile on Campaigns

Viewed Campaign Clicked on Campaign

Viewed Campaign


This report gives you a detailed profile for users who viewed your campaigns, providing various metrics and making it easy to see the user behaviour in each instance.

Prebid Reporting
prebid.js reporting helps you to understand the value of different ad units, bidders and cohorts.
Video Reporting
If you are collecting video data in Permutive then we can build custom reporting for you based on any of the dimensions you're collecting.
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