Use the Permutive Browser Extension to Aid in Creating Cohorts

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Look at your events to help you when creating cohorts.

Go to the Audience Events tab in the Permutive dashboard to see all your events. Click on the events to see the properties available, and to see a selection of 10 recent events. We find this helpful for:

  • Seeing what events there are to build cohorts from
  • Understanding what format each property is collected in

For example, I want to create a cohort of users who have viewed content tagged as technology. I need to know how my content is tagged.


Immediately from my Pageview event I can see there are 2 relevant properties: article.alchemy.taxonomy_labels and article.categories.

By going to the 'Events' tab and clicking on the top event I can see an event in detail. 

"name": "ArticlePageview",
"user_id": "c3efdde5-73f8-43c4-96d1-09aa8bc8c21c",
"time": "2017-06-24T11:30:08.169z",
"properties": {
"geo_info": {
"city": "London",
"country": "United Kingdom",
"continent": "Europe",
"province": "England",
"postal code": "EC4N"
"article": {
"title": "US cyber attacks are unlikely to be last",
"alchemy": {
"taxonomy_labels": [
"/art and entertainment",
"/art and entertainment/movies and tv",
"/art and entertainment/movies and tv/documentaries",
"/health and fitness"
"/health and fitness/disorders",
"/health and fitness/disorders/mental disorders",
"/health and fitness/disorders/mental disorders/paranoia",
"/technology and computing",
"/technology and computing/hardware",
"/technology and computing/hardware/computer",
"categories": [
Looking at categories and taxonomy_labels I can see the exact format of tech for each property. My final cohort is below:
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