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We cover how Permutive collects Google Ad Manager (GAM) data on slots that are rendered, viewable and clicked

GAM Event Properties

Permutive can collect data from GAM on the impressions that have been rendered, viewed and clicked on the page. Each event contains default data and additional properties about the slot.

Permutive usually recommends collecting data from either Slot Viewable or Slot Rendered. An explanation of each can be found below.

Each event contains the following properties:

Name ID Type Required Description
 Advertiser ID  advertiser_id  Integer  Optional Unique to campaign, found in DFP
 Campaign ID  campaign_id  Integer  Optional Unique to campaign, found in DFP
 Creative ID  creative_id  Integer  Optional Unique to the creative, found in DFP
 Height  height   Integer  Optional  The height of the ad slot in pixels
 Is empty  is_empty   Boolean  Optional   True of False, slot returned without the creative
 Line Item ID  line_item_id   Integer   Optional  Unique to campaign, found in DFP
 Service Name  service_name  String  Optional   Set to 'publisher_ads' if from DFP
 Slot Ad Unit Path  slot.ad_unit_path  String  Optional  Unique to campaign, found in DFP
 Slot Element ID  slot.slot_element_id   String  Optional   Unique to campaign, found in DFP 
Height  height Integer Optional  Slot height
Width  width   Integer  Optional  Slot width 

Slot Clicked (can be used for analytics, segmentation, and targeting)

Collecting event data on Slot Clicked helps publishers understand when users engage with campaigns. Publishers can view the data within Analytics under ‘Clicked on Campaign’ to identify segments where users are likely to click or have interest in a particular ad campaign. This data can also be used to build lookalike models and find new audiences of users that are likely to click on an ad. 

Slot Clicked is a DFP related event that is measured by monitoring mouse cursor focus. When a user hovers over an ad and we see that the window loses focus, we count this as a “slot clicked” and assume the window lost focus because a new window was opened. 

Note: Collection of ‘slot clicked’ data may sometimes be based on estimations. We cannot always tell exactly when a click happens and are unable to track mouse activity in-app or on the mobile web. However, this data is still valuable for understanding user behaviour and planning campaign activity. 

Slot Viewable (can be used for analytics, segmentation, and targeting)

Permutive collects this event from GAM when the slot is at least 50% viewable for 1 second or more.

Slot Rendered (can be used for analytics)

Permutive collects this event from GAM when the slot has finished rendering on the page. You can see details on the event being fired from GAM here.

See an example of how to use these events for segmentation here.

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