This report gives you an immediate overview of how one of your segments overlaps with every other segment, making it easy to spot segments with low/high overlap.

How to find the report

  • You will find this report in your dashboard under Analytics
  • If this report isn't enabled for your Analytics and you'd like it to be, please let us know by emailing

Using the report

  • Click on the 'filters' list at the top of your page to see your filters and make edits.
  • Select your 'primary segment' from the filter dropdown 'Primary_Segment'. You can select just 1 segment, which will show up in every row of the table.
  • If you are only want to see the overlap with some segments, select these segments from the filter dropdown 'Secondary_Segments'. You can select as many segments as you want, each will show up as 1 row in the table. By default all segments will be shown.
  • Set any additional filters e.g. 'DateRange'

Understanding the report

  • The aim of the report is to understand the overlapping unique users in your primary and secondary segments.
  • Your primary segment will be listed in the first column of the table, followed by (100%), under 'Primary Segment'.
  • Every other segment will be listed in the second column of the table, under 'Secondary Segment'.
  • The table calculates the total number of uniques in both the primary and secondary segments, this is given in the column 'Overlap Uniques'
  • The table calculates those overlapping uniques as a proportion of all uniques in the primary segment, this is given in the column 'Overlap Proportion'.

I want to understand, for my UK users, the number of uniques who use different network providers. To analyse this, over a month ago I created 'Location:UK' and 'Network' segments.

To see the breakdown by continent I select 'Location:UK' for the primary segment using the 'Primary_Segment' filter. 

As I am just interested in seeing my UK uniques by network, I select 'Network' segments from the 'Secondary_Segments' filter.

From my results I can see that

  • There are 11,867 uniques in the UK using the BT network (who have been on-site in the time frame and entered both the Location: UK and Network: BT segments).
  • Of the networks I've set up as segments - BT is the most popular network (23% of UK users) and TalkTalk, Three and Vodafone are the least popular segments (just 4% of UK users each).
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