Within Permutive Analytics we provide detailed reporting on your data. This guide gives you an explanation of how our metrics are calculated.

The count of users with a unique Permutive user_id

The count of pageview_events (each has a distinct Permutive visit_id)

The count of sessions with a distinct Permutive session_id

Engaged Time (Hours):
The count of all pageviewengagement_events * 5 / 3600
Every 5 seconds, if the user has interacted with the page in some way e.g. moved the mouse, clicked, we ping off a 'heartbeat' to Permutive. This is the pageview_engagement event. Our engaged time metric counts all these 5 second intervals, then divides by 3600 to give the result in hours.

Pageviews per session:
Count of all pageviews in each session

Average Pageviews per Session:
Pageviews/ Sessions

Session Length (s):
Engaged Time (seconds) in each session

Average Session Length (s):
EngagedTime (seconds)/ Sessions

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