This report gives you a detailed profile of each of your segments, providing various metrics and making it easy to see the user behaviour in each segment.

How to find the report

  • If this report is enabled for your Analytics, you will find it in your dashboard under Analytics
  • If this report isn't enabled for your Analytics and you'd like it to be, please let us know by emailing

Using the report

  • Click on the 'filters' list at the top of your page to see your filters and make edits.
  • Select your segments from the filter dropdown 'Segment'. You can select as many segments as you like, by default all segments will be included.
  • Set any additional filters eg. 'DateRange', 'Country'

Understanding the report

  • The aim of the report is to give an overview of your segments.
  • The first six pie charts give you various metrics, the Platform (eg. web, fia, amp), Country, Articles Viewed In Session, Average Session Length, Site Distribution and Technographic (eg. tablet, desktop, mobile) information for each segment
  • The first table, 'Category Visited', gives an indication of what article categories were visited by people present in the chosen segment
  • The last two metrics are Site Distribution in the UK and the user's Province in the UK. Note: when a user's IP is not able to be located to a finer subdivision than 'England', it indicates that the IP is in use across multiple counties and is inaccurate for Maxmind to locate the user to a specific city or finer subdivision. For example, if a user is in Islington, they will populate the Islington segment and not the England division. Alternatively, if the user is in Islington, but Maxmind cannot accurately confirm this, they will be put into the England division.  

Example I am looking to go out and sell a 'Parents' audience and I want to understand what kind of audience I can expect. To do this, I'm going to look at the 'Parents' segment.

From my results I can see that

  • Across the segment over the past 7 days, the majority of people entering the segment were from the UK, they mostly only viewed a single article on a mobile and their average session length was predominantly 30-120s. 
  • The main categories visited by this segment were 'news' and 'tv' and the majority (after 'England') were located in Birmingham.
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