This report has a list of all your segments with their Uniques, giving you a quick overview of how large each segment is.

How to find the report

  • If this report is enabled for your Analytics, you will find it in your dashboard under Analytics
  • If this report isn't enabled for your Analytics and you'd like it to be, please let us know by emailing

Using the report

  • Click on the 'filters' list at the top of your page to see your filters and make edits.
  • You may select particular segments from the filter dropdown 'Segment' if you want a smaller overview. You can select as many segments as you like, depending on your project, by default all segments will be included.
  • Set any additional filters eg. 'DateRange', 'Country'

Understanding the report

  • The aim of the report is to give an overview of uniques in your segments.
  • Gives a good overview of which are your largest segments and provides a simple way of seeing uniques for multiple segments (without having to pull out multiple reports)

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