This dashboard gives you a detailed report on your pageview events. This report can be used to identify popular categories/sections/titles on your site to help build segments based on pageviews.

How to find the report

  • If this report is enabled for your Analytics, you will find it in your dashboard under Analytics
  • If this report isn't enabled for your Analytics and you'd like it to be, please let us know by emailing

Using the report

  • Click on the 'filters' list at the top of your page to see your filters and make edits.
  • Select your property from the filter dropdown 'Pageview_Event_Properties'. You should only select one property at a time. Filters on this report can include a variety of different options. These will vary dependent on the meta-data on your site which is added as properties in the pageview event. For example it can include:
  • Article Subsection
  • Article Topics
  • Article Description
  • Article Section
  • Article Content Type (eg. video)
  • Article Author
  • Article Title
  • Article Channel
  • Day of the Week
  • Review Rating
  • Client Type (eg. web)
  • Set any additional filters eg. 'DateRange', 'Country'.

Understanding the report

  • The aim of the report is to give an overview of the most/least popular parts of your site, depending on pageviews.  
  • The table will detail the properties within the chosen filter and the number of pageviews each property has. This is great when building segments, as you can flick through the different properties to search for appropriate keywords that you may have not thought of previously.

Example I am looking to create a segment and I want to know what cars people are looking at on my site so I can better understand my audience.

From my results I can see that

  • The most viewed cars in the past 7 days are the 'Volvo XC40 SUV', the 'Mercedes A-Class' and the 'Jaguar E-Pace SUV'. This level of detail can give you an indication of what your viewers are interested in and can help inspire segment creation.
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