Permutive offers Segment Index reporting, making it easier to pull out stats on how your campaign segment indexes (for relevant users).
This report allows you to select any segments, over any date range, for any domain.

For the report to work, you must select a Base Segment and a Test Segment otherwise an error message will return.

In the example below I am looking at the Test Segment 'IAB15 Science' to explore how users in that audience index against various segments ('IAB1 Art And Entertainment', 'IAB12 News', 'IAB17 Sports' and 'IAB19 Technology And Computing'). I am taking the 'Everyone' audience as the Base Segment (control group).

So if you are in the 'Science' audience, you index 46% higher than 'Everyone' to also be interested in 'Art And Entertainment' but 232% higher to be interested in 'Sports'.

On the right hand side you can see the total number of Uniques in your Base and Test Segments over the selected Date Range.

If you hover over the different indexes, you can see the number of uniques each segment has. This is useful for campaigns as it will give you an indication as to whether an index is high but with low uniques.

Troubleshooting: If an error appears

  • Make sure you've set a Base Segment and a Test Segment
  • Shorten the Date Range (we are aiming to fix this in the future)

If you'd like to enable this reporting, please let us know!

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