Signing in

Follow these steps to log in to the dashboard for the first timeĀ 


Here is a brief overview of the Events tab and how to use it. To understand the different properties in each event have a look at this doc.


Use the Segments tab to manage and create your audiences. For more information on building segments, use these docs.


Create reactions to send and receive data from Permutive. For a more detailed guide on the different integrations currently available, have a look at these docs.


Use this tab to view the different Analytics dashboards available for your project, to learn more about the dashboards available and how to understand your audience, use these docs.


To change the setting in your project, add team members, or add/configure/view current integrations, navigate to the Settings tab.

If there is anything else you'd like to know whilst using Permutive for the first time, please let us know by emailing or contacting us using the red widget in the bottom right corner.

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