Once you've installed the Permutive platform, you can instantly start making revenue from your segments. Here's how the way Permutive is built opens up more revenue than a traditional DMP, and some ideas to get you started.

Built To Maximise Revenue

There are a few key features about the way that Permutive has been designed which mean that, using Permutive as a DMP, you can un-tap more revenue and bring 'exclusive' segments to market.

Target on all your inventory

Through Permutive you have access to all your inventory, so you can target every user

  • From the moment they land on your site
  • In Google Amp
  • In Facebook Instant Articles
  • On iOS Safari

Exclusive  - Target in a Narrow Time Window

Through Permutive you can react to user behaviour instantly, so you can react as soon as a user performs the behaviour to enter the segment.

  • Intender audiences of users who've demonstrated buying signals in their current session. These users are incredibly valuable as you can instantly offer targeting for them whilst they are in their 'window of intent'.
  • Engaged audiences of users who's in session behaviour means they are more likely to deliver a campaign KPI goal. For example, (a) users who have been engaged for 5s+ in their current session have higher view-ability, (b) users who have completed all their videos in the current session have higher video view-through.

Exclusive - Targeting on Richer Audience Segments

Permutive collects highly detailed behaviour on your users' events, which you can use to monetise segments better

  • Offer granular, custom segments based on the content users have viewed, for example so Ford can run a campaign targeting users who've read articles about 'Ford' and Ford's major competitors 
  • Offer larger segments based on accurate content classification, for example you can target 'Sports users' who've read content related to sport - even if that content didn't have 'sport' in the page url.

Monetise Your Header Bidding Data

Through Permutive you can collect very detailed prebid.js data and use this

  • To optimise the partners you work with in your header bidding stack
  • To de-bug issues with your header bidding stack
  • To go direct to bidders and offer them first look on their desired audiences, based on your understanding of their bidding behaviour

Ideas on How to Generate Revenue

There are so many different ways to monetise your segments through Permutive. Here I've compiled a list of how our customers monetise most effectively.


  • Sell targeted display advertising campaigns on your site
  • Sell PMP deals for your audience
  • Audience Extension on behalf of a client - sell targeted campaigns against your audience on other sites such as Facebook
  • Sell your publisher data to a third-party data aggregator 
  • Analyse your prebid.js data to find bidders you can approach directly with first-look offers


  • Analyse your audiences on-site behaviour to optimise content creation around maximising user loyalty (repeat visits to site)
  • Reduce the cost of acquiring new users by optimising to bid more for users who have shown higher engagement on your site

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