What you get with the Permutive Platform

  • Instantly start collecting highly detailed user events on pageviews, links clicked, engagement and ad impressions
  • Enrich events with first-party contextual data such as the editiorial, IBM Watson category and sentiment
  • Enrich events even further with static third-party data (location, organisation, ISP) and dynamic third-party demographic data
  • Easily build highly custom segments, which update for each user in milliseconds (realtime)
  • Pass segment in-session, in realtime, into platforms including DFP, AppNexus and FAN
  • Target users on your website and Facebook Instant Articles including on iOS Safari
  • Analyse the performance and overlap of segments with our Analytics reports
  • Own your data with ownership over your BigQuery data warehouse, which can be plugged into BI tools such as Looker and Mode

STEP 1: Install the Permutive Platform
Create a project in the Permutive dashboard. Then, to begin collecting data, just add small JS snippets to your site to install on web, FIA and amp. It's quick and easy!

Note: You need to have an active account with Permutive to create projects and begin collecting data. Please get in touch to learn more.

STEP 2: Customise your project settings
Next, you'll want to set up your project for your team. In the Permutive dashboard, add team to your Permutive project. Then add the integrations that are important to you, including DFP and Facebook. Finally, get access to your real-time BigQuery data warehouse.

STEP 3: Create, deploy and analyse your  segments
Become familiar with using the Permutive dashboard. See the events currently being collected, create your first few segments and deploy them via a reaction. Instantly you can see how the segments are performing and their overlap in our Permutive Analytics.

STEP 4: What's next?
Now that you're all set up, you can segment users in realtime, pass those segments into multiple platforms and analyse segment performance. Some ideas to get started:

  • Collect custom events or enrich your events with more data
  • Run a Permutive targeted advertising campaign
  • Get Permutive Analytics for highly detailed prebid.js reporting
  • Use Permutive Analytics to answer highly custom BI questions
  • Run Audience Extension through Permutive¬†
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