In the Permutive dashboard, under 'Events' you can see all the events you're collecting, their properties and view recent events. Here I walk through the data you can use as soon as you install Permutive.


By default, we collect top-level user data on pageview and pageview engagement.

  • Pages viewed
  • Time actively engaged on each page
  • Page depth
  • Session 
  • Referral source
  • URL of each pageview
  • User agent (includes devices, OS, browser)
  • Web or FIA traffic

Pageview Data

If switched on for your account, we collect additional contextual data on users' pageviews.


You can pass in any meta-data from your page, such as editorial tagging data.

  • Section
  • Category
  • Tag

IBM Watson

Using state-of-the-art natural language processing, IBM Watson automatically classifies article content. This gives you highly granular article data and removes reliance on editorial tagging. 

  • IAB Advertising Category
  • Article Sentiment
  • Article Emotion
  • Entities
  • Concepts

Third-Party Data


From the user's IP address, Maxmind provides detailed static data.

  • Location. Continent, country, city and postcode.
  • Internet Service Provider
  • Organisation

Demographic Data

If switched on for your account, we collect additional demographic data on your users from the third-party data providers we partner with. 

  • Age
  • Income
  • Education
  • Interests

Links Clicked

By default we collect details of the destination url every time a user clicks a link on your site.

Forms Filled In

By default we collect details of every form a user has filled in, this will include

  • The field e.g. 'Name'
  • The input e.g. 'John'


If switched on for your account, we collect data from DFP on ad slots.

  • Impressions rendered
  • Impressions clicked

About This Event Data

This data is stored in events, which are used in 2 main ways:

  1. In realtime, each user's events are used to update their segment. 
  2. The user's entire event history is stored in realtime in our BigQuery data warehouse. We never delete data.

This is just an overview of the default events we collect, you can send in custom events and enrich existing events to really customise Permutive to your needs.

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