Permutive can be used to fire partner tags whenever a user lands on your site.

To do this you must have the ScriptRunner reaction enabled for your project. The partner you are working with to implement the tag will provide a snippet of code that should go in the 'Code' section of the reaction.

Note: Before saving the reaction, ensure the html/JavaScript tags have been removed (eg. <script> tags).

Then, target the reaction to fire when a user enters your 'Everyone' segment and, if required, set a 'Context criteria' (e.g. the domain or page you want the tag to fire on).

Save the reaction and set the trigger to 'Every Time'. This will cause the JavaScript tag to execute on every pageview, as long as any context criteria are satisfied.

If you need any help setting these up or want us to check the code you're firing, contact or alternatively contact us using LiveChat.

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