To reach more users use the Pageview Events analytics report when building a segment. This report is useful for ideas on how you can broaden the audience targeted.

When creating a segment for a certain type of consumer (eg. In market for cars), use the analytics dashboard to search through the different properties (eg. article.content,, product.type) to get an idea of what content your users are consuming. Then, add the properties (eg. = Mercedes A-Class) with the most pageviews that match the chosen criteria to the segment.

Example I am looking to create a segment and I want to know what cars people are looking at on my site so I can better understand my audience.

From my results I can see that

  • The most viewed cars in the past 7 days are the 'Volvo XC40 SUV', the 'Mercedes A-Class' and the 'Jaguar E-Pace SUV'. This level of detail can give you an indication of what your viewers are interested in and can help inspire segment creation.

If you would like to collect custom pageview event properties (eg., please contact to see what is possible for your project.

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