Send your Permutive segments to Rubicon

The Rubicon reaction allows you to send any of your Permutive segments directly to Rubicon, where you can use them for any of your Rubicon inventory, under a unique Permutive segment ID.

You need:

  • Access to the Permutive dashboard
  • A Permutive segment already set up, that you want to push to Rubicon

In the Permutive Dashboard:


  • You must add a new reaction for each segment you send to Rubicon.
  • Your segment will now be sent to Rubicon under its segment code, which acts as a unique ID for the segment. Each segment’s code is listed under the ‘Segments’ page in the Permutive dashboard.

It's worth noting that the Rubicon integration will be custom to your setup on site, if you'd like to turn on this integration, please contact so we can ask a developer to make sure the add-on works as it should!

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