The AdWords/DBM reactions allow you to send any of your Permutive segments directly to AdWords or DBM, where you can use them for targeting on display campaigns.

To set up the integration you'll first need to contact your Google Account Manager and ask them to link our DMP account to your account, to do this you need to supply them with our customer ID, 405-835-3268.

Google will return an entity ID (which is different for your AdWords and DBM accounts, you may also have different IDs related to your different AdWords accounts) which you then use to configure the integrations in the Permutive UI.

AdWords Set-up

DBM Set-up

From here you can send segments directly into your AdWords/DBM account, where they will automatically appear in the UI in around 2 hours.
Note: the name you set for the segment in the Permutive UI will be what the AdWords audience is called. The Permutive segment code will also be visible via a field called 'integration code'.

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