In the Permutive dashboard you can view all your existing integrations, add new integrations and set up reactions to send segments into each of these integration partners. 


Integrations are how we sync with other platforms, or run custom JS on your site. Usually we have one integration for each platform.

View your existing integrations

In the Permutive dashboard under Settings > Integrations you can see all your existing integrations

Add an integration

When viewing your integration, just click the '+Add integration' button to see all the integrations available. From here you can browse our integations and add those that are relevant to you.


  1. You should always read the docs for each integration you add to make sure it is set up correctly. Some integrations can be added in the dashboard using one-click, but require extra additional set-up behind the scenes. So - keep it simple - read the docs!
  2. Some integrations aren't in this list but they are available. Check out our list of current integrations to see all the integrations we currently provide and let us know if you'd like to set up an integration for a platform in that list.
  3. If the integration you'd like isn't in the list in the dashboard, or in our docs, then let us know!


Reactions are how we trigger an integration when a user enters/ exists/ is in a segment. 

View your existing reactions

You can view all your existing reactions in the Permutive dashboard under Reactions 

Add a reaction

When viewing your reactions, select '+ Reaction'. Here you can add a reaction for an existing integration and segment. Different integrations have different recommended set-ups, so you should consult our docs for each integration to see the best way to create your reaction.

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