If you don’t already have the DFP integration for your project, you’ll need to add it on your Permutive dashboard. At first you need to authenticate Permutive on DFP.

You need: 

In the DFP console:

Get in touch with your Permutive Account Manager:

  • Let us know that you've added DFP - we'll make sure to authenticate Permutive for our dfp@permutive.com account. 

Now that Permutive has been authenticated for your DFP, you can set up the integration in the dashboard.

In the Permutive Dashboard:

  1. Login to your project, select ‘Settings → Integrations → Add Integration’

   2. Select DoubleClick

   3. Enter your DFP network code

The integration will be immediately added. It takes just 20 minutes to go live and be updated on servers across the world.

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